A fix for small business with too many ideas, but not enough revenue generated

written by Peter O. | Process

In our first year of business we had more time than money... and that tends to breed action toward random ideas.

I would have a new marketing idea for a lead magnet and start building it that day. The next day a new software product idea and start writing code that day.

Week after week, hundreds of ideas were started but very few of them finished or produced results. I had shiny object syndrome to the max.

When you have so many great ideas, how do you know what to choose?

Maturity is putting process between opportunity and decision -Bobb Biehl

Potent little quote isn't it.

There are many ways to add process to your ideas. Here are just a few:

  • Rank them based on I.C.E. (impact, confidence, ease). Message me and I'll get ya a very simple spreadsheet to do this.

  • Ask a few basic questions about the idea like: how will success be measured, what main factor will this impact (more leads, conversion rate, retention),

  • Run the idea past a non-biased 3rd party.

Process doesn't have to be complicated, but you need a process. You need a way to stop you from doing every idea that comes to mind.

About the Author
Peter Olson writes about what he's learned growing a business to high seven figures. He's the CEO of an Inc 5000 company that works with entrepenours to help them growth their businesses.

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