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written by Peter O. | Goals

I was playing golf with my son today and afterwards looked at my score and said "man, I suck."

How many goals have you set, or metrics have you tried to reach and at the end said the same thing?

Before you're too hard on yourself, try reviewing your processes and actions in more detail.

Here's an example. After golfing, I spent some time going through every shot in my head and writing down happened. I realized something. My high score (in golf a high score is bad... if you didn't know) was primarily caused by 1 thing. My driving was good, my long irons were fine, it was my short game that was the problem (more specifically the chipping).

When I look at my total score, it's easy to say "I suck" and then go off to fix everything. But doing a more detailed review showed I only partially suck :). It showed me exactly what I need to work on.

Doing a detailed review revealed the 1 thing I need to work on.

The same goes for business. Miss a goal? Do a quick detailed review. Here are some quick questions to ask yourself:

  • What went better than expected?

  • What went poorly?

  • What 20% of actions caused 80% of the results?

If you always review your results, you'll improve faster. If you never review your results, you'll end up working on things you shouldn't.

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Peter Olson writes about what he's learned growing a business to high seven figures. He's the CEO of an Inc 5000 company that works with entrepenours to help them growth their businesses.

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