It's easier to START if you treat it like its temporary

written by Peter O. | Execution

Sometimes it hard to start. Start a business, start writing, start selling an incomplete product... start.

I've even struggled writing in a brand new, perfectly empty notebook/journal. Is that you? "What if I have to scribble something out... I should probably plan what I'm going to write in it before I write in it!"

Here's a Jedi mind trick for you. It comes from Steve Blanks definition of a startup:

A startup is a temporary organization designed to search for a scalable and repeatable business model. - Steve Blank

That is Steve Blanks DEFINITION of a startup... which is a company... which employs people... thus affecting their livelihoods.

If he can define a business as temporary, I'm guessing you can figure out a way to do it for something smaller... like a notebook (said Peter to himself).

So next time you start something, treat it like its temporary. Here are a couple characteristics of "temporary":

  • won't last forever - people will forget it soon, so don't worry about screwing up.

  • limited period of time - you don't have to do it forever.

  • not permanent - you can change your mind.

So go, treat it like its temporary... and START!

About the Author
Peter Olson writes about what he's learned growing a business to high seven figures. He's the CEO of an Inc 5000 company that works with entrepenours to help them growth their businesses.

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