Your One of These Two Types of Executors

I bet you're one of these two types of people:

Lost Goal Setter vs Random Executor

The Lost Goal Setter

They are great at seeing where to go and getting their head out of the weeks... but sucks at breaking down the goal into actionable steps.

  • You set a goal on Friday, a great goal. Its SMART even.

  • Monday you walk into work excited and ready to go, but you sit down and then realize... (dramatic music)... you have no idea what to do today.

  • So you do random tasks that popup. You have long term direction... but it doesn't provide you day-to-day direction. You're lost.

The Random Executor

They are great at seeing all the steps to complete a project, sucks at getting their head up and out of the weeds and looking further ahead.

  • You try to set a goal on Friday, but you're way too busy

  • Someone gives you an objective or a project, you can instantly see the steps needed to get it done.

  • But you don't stop to ask yourself if you SHOULD do the project in the first place.

  • So, you're just running around doing "random" projects & tasks.

Forced Focus

Each one of these types needs to periodically force themselves to focus on their weakness in order to let their strengths shine:

  • The Lost Goal Setter needs to force themselves to:

    • Stop looking forward. Stop thinking about what could be, the dream or the vision.

    • Think about the specific (not vague) actionable steps they predict will help them achieve the goal, broken down monthly or even weekly.

  • The Random Executor needs to force themselves to:

    • Stop working, Stop thinking about what they should be doing.

    • Go sit with NO INTERNET in a non-normal, non-distracting place (coffee shop, library, etc...) and think about where they are going.

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