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Hi, I'm Peter Olson

  • Focus on what matters

  • Solve problems to grow your businesses faster

  • Build a culture where people love what they do

A little about me:

  • Grown our business from 0 to mid-7 figures (and going) through 35-58% YOY growth

  • Created a business culture that people LOVE to work in

  • Countered the owner trap and removed myself from every major roll (putting someone better at it in my place)

  • Husband and Father of 4

What you'll get from me:

  • Actionability - If you can't take action on it, I probably won't post it.

  • Frameworks, Systems, Models, and Principles - Someone else has been where you want to go. Use what they've built so we can move faster.

  • Simplification - "Perfection is not when you can’t find anything else to add, its when you can’t find anything else to take away" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Projects I'm working on

  • Business growth through brute force

  • Content publishing as a way to increase leverage and create opportunities

  • Create "mini-CEO's" from middle managers.

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